The importance of supporting a mobile optimized version of your website


With people becoming ever more connected, thanks to the boom of mobile devices and the evolution of technology?it is becoming increasingly important to make sure that your website is built to support mobile devices.Over a fourth of total web traffic now comes from mobile platforms, so there's definitely a big market there.


What's all the fuss about mobile sites anyway? Read on and learn.


Make things load faster on mobile

You've likely heard of the legendary attention span, or lack thereof, of the average Internet user. This is even more true for mobile users, who can be quick to swipe away your site's tab on their browsers if it takes too long to load. There's only so much time to browse through stuff between train stations or during the afternoon coffee break.


Ensuring that you have a mobile-optimized site will help secure more conversions for your business. The faster it takes to get from the point of entry to the final step of the purchase, then the more you'll get in terms of sales and profitability.


Look great on a smaller screen

Mobile devices present another important consideration: they usually come with smaller screens than even the smallest laptops, so the amount of information you can offer in one screen becomes limited. This is where optimizing the design to fit your mobile web site comes in.


Good design for mobile accomplishes multiple things, so it's a solid investment. Done efficiently, this can help make your site load faster on devices. Design also contributes to the way users navigate through the site, and also to the easy consumption of your content. The more that users gets out of a quick visit, the more likely they will read through, make a purchase, and even come back.


Provide users with a great experience

Speaking of coming back, users will also be more likely to frequent your mobile site if they have a good experience using it the first time. Easily accessible content, eye-catching and functional design, fast load times, all of these are important qualities that can be achieved through responsive web design. The bottom line is always make it easy for the user to find what they need.


Giving users a good experience also increases the chances that they'll recommend your site to their friends and acquaintances. Similarly, if users think your mobile site sucks, chances are that other people will hear about it.


Achieving a truly mobile-friendly web site is no easy task. There are numerous elements to factor in, and sometimes it may take an external perspective to truly determine the kind of optimization your web site needs. You should consider looking for somebody who can build you a quality mobile web site.


The relevance of a mobile-optimized site gets more pronounced as the percentage of internet traffic driven by mobile devices grows more and more each year. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve and start assessing your site now; the sooner you can get things set up, the better it will be for your online presence and, ultimately, for your business.


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