Why it is critical to have your own domain name


One of the most fundamental aspects of having a website is domain name branding that is, finding the perfect domain name for your site. It's not just a matter of coming up with something clever or using the name of your business and attaching a .com at the end; there are now multiple considerations that come into play when getting a domain name.


First and foremost of these considerations is why you need to bother getting a domain name at all. Well, investing in one is important after all, the domain name is the first thing people are exposed to when they first find out about your website, and it's what they use to access it on their browsers.


Why pay for your own domain name?

Securing the domain name is the next step after you have brainstormed for the best possible name for your site. This involves getting a domain name from registrars, or getting the name bundled with your web hosting. GoDaddy domains are some of the most popular internet domain registrars, though there are numerous other options.


Sure, you can just go ahead and get a free hosting service like WordPress or Blogspot to host your content, but if you're running a legitimate business operation and you aim to be an authority at something or you want to sell people stuff, then the last thing you want is looking like a freeloader.


Getting your own domain name shows prospective visitors and prospective customers that you're serious with what you're offering. You've invested in your branding and identity, and this makes you look more credible and trustworthy.


Domain names and keywords

Another way that your domain name helps your business is through search engine optimization. Try to get in a keyword into the domain name so that search engines will associate your site with said keyword right from the get-go. In addition, the keyword will tell potential visitors straight up what they should expect from your site.


You get more bang for your buck when you purchase domain name options that include a keyword you are already targeting for SEO purposes (this, of course, assumes that you've included SEO in your website planning). You get to take care of two things at once!


Extension considerations


Branding doesn't stop at the domain name. The extension also plays a key role in the grand scheme of things. Today, the .com extension is still perhaps the most recognized and thus should be your top option. It provides a layer of credibility while also being more memorable.


Branding on the web gets trickier as time passes, because a ton of the really good domain names have either been taken or have been 'parked' on by others seeking to make a profit by claiming a domain name first. That's where your creativity comes in. It's your domain name, so might as well get the most out of it. Make sure you end up with something that rolls off the tongue to maximize recall and get more visits.


Owning your own domain name plays a vital role in many aspects of building and managing a website. It covers online branding, search engine optimization, website promotion, and a few marketing purposes as well. If you want to achieve big things via your online venture, you definitely should not skimp on your domain name.


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